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Raspberry love by Savonbyjohnise is made with Raspberry oil, Grape seed butter, and Saponified soap oils which allow for skin moisturization. White clay and Hibiscus powder which are good for acne and irritated skin are part of the essential ingredients used in the production in addition with Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Fragrant that bring out a pleasant scent. Raspberry soaps are produced in beautiful Cline Falls Oregon just located in between Bend and Redmond Oregon.

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Our Raspberry love is a completely natural handmade bar soap without the addition of any synthetic ingredient. It contains the glycerin that soothes and moisturizes the skin which allows the skin to remain soft all day long. The colorants in our natural handmade bar soaps are free of mica and dyes. The Raspberry love soap is made with nourishing ingredients such as clay, herbs and berries with uplifting scents ideal for sensitive skin.

Savonbyjohnise Raspberry love soaps are suitable for anyone with dry skin and it is known for its unique size which help put away acne and also save the skin from any skin disease.  Phthalate is not included in our natural handmade bar soaps which differentiates it from the commercial ones in stores. The essential oils make this natural handmade bar soap skin friendly with fantastic smell while improving hygiene and health.

Raspberry love is a skin-nourishing soap that produces large amounts of lather that last long and makes the skin feel soft, clean, and healthy. It is suitable for children and adult use because of Its gentility and mildness on the skin. The uniqueness of our handmade Blue lagoon soap is that it helps with itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne

It is available at affordable rates with competitive pricing and automatic shipping anywhere in the US.

 About Raspberry Love

  • Hot processed method of production
  • Handmade soap rich in natural glycerin
  • It includes raspberry oil and saponified soap oils that give it a nice scent
  • Unique for skin care needs (moist and soft skin)
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in small batches
  • Comes in different colors and measurement for every bar
  • Colorants used are clays, berries, and herbs and crafted by an artisan.
  • Slab contains 18 full bars. 5 oz per bar. The whole Slab roughly abounds 7 lbs.




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single 1" bar cut and wrapped 6.1 oz $7.50, 4 bars for $25.00 cut and wrapped, Half Loaf 3.5 lb (precut to 9 – 1" bars) = $45.00 unwrapped, Half Loaf 6.5 lb (precut to 18 – 1" bars) = $90.00 unwrapped


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